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Elegant Media: Celebrated as One of The Asia Pacific’s Leading Innovative Agencies

Australian App and software development company, Elegant Media, has been recognised for its leading-edge technological solutions work, receiving an Asia Pacific Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Services.

Elegant Media is one of Australia’s leading App and software development companies. The company works with government, corporates, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to develop and deliver cutting edge solutions unparalleled in the industry.

Since 2002, the Stevie Awards has been one of the primary metrics used by many companies to measure their position in the marketplace. The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards are the ultimate accolade for organisations in the 29 nations in the Asia Pacific to benchmark and recognise innovative achievement in every aspect of the workplace.

Anushka Bandara, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Elegant Media, has hundreds of completed mobile App projects under his firm’s belt and is delighted his agency now has the attention of the world’s leading award for achievement in business with teck hustlers.

The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards are open to all individuals and companies that continue to push the boundaries of innovation throughout their business practices and client offerings. Employing a careful and transparent judging process, the Stevie Awards go one step further in helping to honour and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organisations and working professionals worldwide.

Elegant Media won the Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Services, which celebrates an organisation’s innovation in product conception, design, development, production, and distribution.

Elegant Media attracted attention for its Flexi Development Plan, which overcomes a common difficulty faced by budding entrepreneurs and business owners alike – the allocation of capital. Released just over one year ago, with Flexi, individuals and businesses have been allowed to pursue App development free of the high risks associated with a substantial upfront financial outlay and a rigid delivery model. This gives excellent ideas an optimum chance to reach the market. Elegant Media’s business innovation positively encourages App development innovation, increasing entrepreneurship by removing financial risk. This, coupled with its steadfast attention to customer experience, positioned Elegant Media at the front of the race for the highly competitive Gold Stevie.

“Pushing boundaries and innovating is in our nature at Elegant Media. Developing out-of-the-box solutions for our clients’ App endeavours is a core part of our business. We never want a client to walk away with something mediocre or over-done – so we embrace the opportunity to push our capabilities to the next level,” Bandara said.

“Our team at Elegant Media knows that with every new tech challenge a client puts forward, we must develop a custom solution that has not been done before. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and ensuring they walk away, having received value for their hard-earned money.

“Flexi was developed by our team for several reasons, primarily because we know there is a whole calibre of aspiring entrepreneurs out there with big ideas, but without the big budget. With Flexi’s low monthly fee, the financial risk level to start the App development process is reduced by an astonishing 96 percent, creating greater accessibility to App development by entrepreneurs and market disruptors.

“By removing the cost roadblock, we have empowered our clients with an exponential increase in access to our world-class App developers and App technology. Our innovative pay-as-you-go Approach has impacted the market enormously, with 80 percent of all new customers choosing to begin their App development journey with Flexi since its introduction.

“Being awarded the Asia Pacific Gold Stevie for Innovation in Business-to-Business Services is an honour and I am so pleased that our work has been recognised in this field.”

Elegant Media is a full-service mobile App development and software solutions provider for businesses, government, and entrepreneurs. With hundreds of mobile App projects completed, their team is one of the most experienced teams in Australia. Elegant Media’s team of 60 App technology experts operates in Australia, Sri Lanka, and the United States in order to keep costs low for their clients and leverage different cultural backgrounds and time zones. They pride their selves as the only App developer in Australia with ISO accreditation, Apple, and Google accreditation.

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