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Actor Jonathan Majors Faces Career Crisis After Assault Conviction

Jonathan Majors, the actor from Lovecraft Country and Creed III, is in big trouble. After a wild three-week trial, law enforcement arrested and convicted him of misdemeanor assault and harassment. This all happened in March 2023 because of a fight with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. A broken finger resulted, shocking fans who perceived Majors as a laid-back guy.

The trial brought up a bunch of bad stuff about Majors. Judge Michael Gaffey surprised everyone by releasing videos of the fight, showing Majors lifting Jabbari and shoving her back into a car. There was even a 911 call from Majors after the incident. Photos of Jabbari’s injuries and an audio clip from 2022, where Majors was not being nice, added more drama.

The jury found Majors guilty of assault and harassment but acquitted him of the more serious charges. Dropped from Marvel wasn’t happy about the whole thing and dropped him from all their upcoming movies. Dropped from Marvel the plan to make Majors the big villain Kang in its next phase.

Majors had a great career going, moving up from Yale’s drama school to Hollywood fame. But now, with this mess, it’s all crashing down. People found out about a past police report in London from 2022, hinting that Majors might have a habit of hurting Jabbari. Social media also lit up with stories about Majors being not-so-nice in both Yale and New York theaters.

During the trial, Majors and Jabbari’s legal teams threw accusations at each other. Even Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, released texts depicting Jabbari as stating it was her fault. Critics slammed this move, saying it was taking advantage of someone vulnerable.

At first, people had mixed feelings about the whole situation. Questioning the timing of everything, some expressed concerns about mistreating victims of intimate partner violence. The debate reminded people of other famous cases, like Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, where the tactic of “deny, attack, and reverse victim/offender” caused a lot of drama.

But as more evidence came out during the trial, things changed. The guilty Jonathan Majors verdict and dropped from Marvel cutting ties with Majors showed that the tide was turning. Now, everyone is wondering what’s next for Majors and if he can bounce back from this mess.

In the end, Jonathan Majors’s arrest and conviction are a big deal for his career and personal life. The public is figuring out how to deal with allegations of domestic violence, and it’s time to move on from arguing about guilt and focus on what happens next.

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