Seif El Hakim

Seif El Hakim

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Seif El Hakim is an internationally acclaimed businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor, success coach, and highly celebrated Global CEO with over 15 years of experience working in different world regions. He is an authority on business, leadership, marketing, and success coaching. An entrepreneur by heart, Seif loves to initiate business ventures. He is the founder of the Alpha movement, which aims to equip aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve radical success in their journey. Currently, Seif is serving as the Global CEO for Momentum Group of Companies and Vice President of Riversong EMEA. He has co-founded 10xVibez Holiday Homes and 10xdeals to transform the boutique travel and investment industries. He has been featured among Forbes' top 10 entrepreneurs list and one of the top 5 significant leaders by CIO times. He provides consulting and training services through his venture, Seif El Hakim co.

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